Ottawa, April 12, 2023


May 26, 2024 Paul Politis 0

Look over there, it’s Ray K. Metzker: “The elusive is what we seek, be it of the heart or the mind. The artist learns to […]

Ottawa, October 8, 2023


March 24, 2024 Paul Politis 0

A few more quotes from Ray K. Metzker: “I approach photography in the context of art, as a key to understanding. It is my connection […]

Ottawa, November 26, 2023


March 17, 2024 Paul Politis 0

I recently got a well-worn copy of Unknown Territory: Photographs of Ray K. Metzker, which I’ve wanted for a long time. “I recognize the desire, […]

Untitled (colour photograph)

City Skin

July 6, 2021 Paul Politis 0

Over the past year or so I’ve taken some photos through the scratches and graffiti on the various transparent surfaces I come across during my […]

Hotel Sign Detail (black and white photograph)

Familiarity breeds

May 27, 2021 Paul Politis 0

One thing, of course, about wandering the same areas repeatedly is that one has the opportunity to see how things look at different times of […]

Insight (black and white photograph)

Mirrors and Windows

January 4, 2021 Paul Politis 0

Recently I’ve been thinking about John Szarkowski‘s idea of photographs as either windows or mirrors. It’s interesting to think of one’s own work and the […]