Ottawa, August 12, 2023

Going home

March 31, 2024 Paul Politis 0

“I don’t know the meaning of this journey I was forced to make, between one and another night, in the company of the whole universe… […]

Two Rooms (black and white photograph)

Out of nothing

June 1, 2021 Paul Politis 0

To me, one way of looking at this odd building is as some strange creature peering out over the makeshift wooden fence. It’s not threatening […]

No Image


July 29, 2020 Paul Politis 0

Myxomatosis Caught in the center of a soundless field While hot inexplicable hours go by What trap is this? Where were its teeth concealed? You […]

No Image


July 12, 2020 Paul Politis 0

“And these are the demons that I don’t have. One could be called the “Demon of Nothingness”. This is quite simply when my creativity or […]