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“Photography is not about the thing being photographed. It’s about how that thing looks photographed.”
— Garry Winogrand

Black and white photography of Paul Politis

Black and white photography has been my love for as long as I can remember. A black and white photograph on the cover of a magazine back in 1987 or so, when I was 18, hit me between the eyes like nothing else ever had and, possibly, like nothing ever has since. Because of that brief moment of my youth in a bookstore in Montreal, I’ve been admiring the work of black and white photographers ever since, and attempting to make my own that could stand along with them.

It’s really only since 2017, though, that I’ve committed myself to my work, so hopefully over the coming years you’ll see the various projects that I’m working on, and those that still lay waiting in my future, realized on this website and as photo books.

I live and take the vast majority of my photos in and around Ottawa, Canada.

All content on this site, unless otherwise noted, is copyright black and white photographer Paul Politis. Ottawa street photography. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Ottawa black and white photography, Ottawa fine art photographer.