Ottawa, July 23, 2023

Tale of a houseplant

January 30, 2024 Paul Politis 0

“Formerly, yes, art and culture, and the Apollonian and the Dionysian and all that, seemed terribly important. But today I’m satisfied if I can turn […]

Ottawa, March 9, 2023

Winter scene

January 23, 2024 Paul Politis 0

Reading Rosshalde by Hermann Hesse. “He did not think about it, he deadened his thoughts with constant work. His feeling was: you can go at […]

For madmen only

March 16, 2023 Paul Politis 0

“Do you think I can’t understand your horror of the fox trot, your dislike of bars and dancing floors, your loathing of jazz and the […]

Untitled (black and white photograph)

Y Pues Nada

June 19, 2022 Paul Politis 0

“We have not chosen this time. We cannot help it if we are born as men of the early winter of full Civilization, instead of […]

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The voice of destiny

August 5, 2020 Paul Politis 0

“Might your bitter pain not be the voice of destiny, might that voice not become sweet once you understand it?” – Hermann Hesse *** “Great […]