Titans is an older photo, from 2007 or so, whose title references Greek mythology, and Atlas in particular. I had in mind those popular images of him, on bended knee, carrying the weight of the world on his back.  This photo has always represented to me a kind of symbol for perseverance, despite my doubts, despite my weaknesses. A tenuous stalemate with the weight of the world. Though the uneven balance in the photo indicates that the world has gained the upper hand, there’s a certain grace and dignity. The crush is imminent and unavoidable, but in the meantime, keep your head up, carry on, and resist becoming a blubbering mess!

When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I would come across references in Camus and elsewhere to the Greek myth of Sisyphus. Certainly a good metaphor for pointlessness, and one that resonated with me and my existential view on things.  But my imagination was captured most by the myth of Tantalus — temptation without satisfaction. Now there was an apt symbol for my young life!

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