Silhouette Reflection (black and white photo)

Untitled (black and white photograph)
Untitled (black and white photograph) by Paul Politis
Untitled (black and white photograph)
Untitled by Paul Politis

Something to read from something I am reading:

“It is a longing for the heroic, for a greater seriousness of life than ordinary human beings know about. And when a man has this appetite for seriousness, and cannot see it reflected in any of the human beings he knows, he must either submit to their standards and forget his dreams, or deliberately cut himself off from them — make himself an Outsider until he has found a way of thinking and living that gives him scope for his deeper seriousness. Works of imagination will inspire him, especially works about ambitious young men struggling to escape their circumstances, like Stendhal’s Le Rouge et le noir or Joyce’s Portrait. It is this longing for the heroic that makes the Outsider; and his greatest enemy is ‘nausea’: discouragement, boredom, and the pettiness of so much modern life. “
— Colin Wilson, Religion and the Rebel

Something to watch:


  1. This one is really another of Dave’s type of images. Or is it Henry Cartier there? Who knows feels very nice, thank you for showing it.
    BTW: There is nothing to escape from isn’t it?

    • Personally, I don’t get a Beckerman vibe from this photo. The photos I remember from Dave were less overtly dramatic in visual appearance, but that’s just going from impressions that have stuck with me now, many years later. It may be the impression I retain from the photos of his that appealed to me. Maybe this photo is more Bresson but Henri has never done anything to me so I don’t want to insult him like that 😉 To me it’s your run of the mill rather obvious photo.  That said, I did post it on this blog and I attempt to not post anything unless I think it has some merit in some way, some appeal that will remain even if I look at the photo again in a year from now.  I don’t know.  It is what it is, but it doesn’t remotely please me like some of what I consider my best, more creative and original, work.

      “BTW: There is nothing to escape from isn’t it?”

      Well, I could answer this apparently simple question with an essay agreeing with you and then another disagreeing. 🙂 Is saying there is nothing to escape from the same as saying there is nothing to escape to?

      Judging from what my own work is showing me, both stuff you may have seen and stuff you haven’t, I guess I have to answer yes, I apparently believe there is plenty to escape from.  It may an impossibility, though. And just immaturity.

      • Yes it is more my sort of image from twenty years ago, when I enjoyed the stuff and was daily talking with Dave. You are right that in those years these kind of images become kind of cliché.

        My note about escape (doesn’t matter in which direction) is more about the fact of a escape. There is no reason, one need to ‘sort of’ accept and not to run, isn’t it? (reading Tolle 😉 )

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