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  1. This is absolutely amazing, it is like journey through a mind. Wonderful and mind-blowing, triggering feelings of discovery. Starts with your name on it and then all those surfaces, like maps of commercial worlds flooded by a sea. Then when it changes, when your camera takes step back, it was almost shock.
    Thank you for this Paul!

  2. Interesting series, Paul. Agree with Richard, in that it was neat that you pulled back from the tight shots to reveal what we had been seeing. Sure they ended up finding it hard to continue to get advertisers for the bike racks, when they would all just end up being defaced, marred… though led for a interesting subject of various remnants to those adverts.

    I do constantly have to hand it to you for your series that you come up with and shoot… showing us that there is plenty to shoot, if we just look and observe all of these threads we can follow and piece together… so, good job to you, as always!

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