Black and white architectural abstract photograph by Paul Politis

Against the Sky

June 22, 2021 Paul Politis 0

I made a bunch of photos last year that I grouped together and called Skyward which was me having fun with playing around with the […]

Untitled (black and white photograph)

Balancing chaos

June 21, 2021 Paul Politis 0

“It’s very spiritual because you’re suddenly seeing the coherence and the interconnectedness of everything — left to right, top to bottom, front to back. It’s […]

Birds on Rooftop (black and white photograph)

Birds on a rooftop

June 17, 2021 Paul Politis 0

“Complete isolation — that is what the Outsider is driving at. He knows that, if he could only achieve it, there is a completely different […]

A Series # 17: Restaurant Window (black and white photograph)


June 7, 2021 Paul Politis 0

This photo is kind of fitting in light of my recent comments about familiarity and wandering the same areas. I remember that I had snapped […]

Two Rooms (black and white photograph)

Out of nothing

June 1, 2021 Paul Politis 0

To me, one way of looking at this odd building is as some strange creature peering out over the makeshift wooden fence. It’s not threatening […]