Out from Under (black and white photography) by Paul Politis (2009)
Against the Grain - black and white street photography
No Shepherd and One Herd - Black and white photograph Empire of Sand

Empire of Sand is another older photo, from 2013, that has been a favourite of mine.  I imagine the bird as some sort of despot, overseeing his crumbling empire of sand and collapsing fences, but oblivious to the writing on the wall. Things are good right now: he has his empire, such as it is, and a […]

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Titans is an older photo, from 2007 or so, whose title references Greek mythology, and Atlas in particular. I had in mind those popular images of him, on bended knee, carrying the weight of the world on his back.  This photo has always represented to me a kind of symbol for perseverance, despite my doubts, despite my weaknesses. […]

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