1. When you design these, Paul, do you use Blurbs own creation tool, BookWright, I think it’s called? Or do you do it in Lightroom? As Richard has noted before, you really nail it with your covers… on a magazine stand, I can’t see how one of your mags would not be at least picked up and looked at with your covers

    • Thanks, Jeff.

      I’m using the Blurb InDesign plugin, but I actually do the covers in Photoshop (because I’m more comfortable in that) and then just import the whole PSD into InDesign; though there is really not much work that goes into these covers … just choosing an image I like and I think works well as a cover, and then playing around with the colour of the mag title so that I think it works well with the chosen image. So, InDesign is not a necessity here … the pages could easily be created in Photoshop (or any photo editing software) and imported with BookWright, I think.

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