Qualia #2 - April 2017

The second issue of my magazine, Qualia, is completed (April 2017). It features 20 photographs, including new work, from my Disconnected series, 12 older photographs from my series The Human Street, and various new work.

The magazine is available through Blurb at www.blurb.com/user/PaulPolitis.

  1. I have received email notifications of all 3 Qualia issues now in last 20 minutes. It seems you have been active last three month. Great! Are all of them available on blurb.com as the first issue is?

    • Thank you, Richo, nice to hear from you. Yes, I’ve been productive! I decided from now on to announce the issues on my blog in the months that they pertain to, and back-dated some posts, so that’s why you got a whole flood of emails just now.

      Yes, the are all available on Blurb. I’ve also got issues 4 and 5 done as well (June and July, I’m a bit ahead of myself), but have not had them printed yet, but I see that Blurb is listing them anyway, which I didn’t think they would do.


  2. I forgot to mentioned I really like the design of these covers. The colours, the choice of crop, and the font colour choice. Very good. Even without looking into the I already like them 😉

    • Thanks, Richo. I’ve updated the posts to have a link to my Blurb page. Glad you like the covers! I really enjoy choosing the cover images and creating the covers.

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