Red and Blue Abstract

Spent a recent rainy day searching for a decent abstract composition in the rain drops on my windshield. I’ve been interested in these abstraction-through-raindrops type of photos for quite a while now, but I’ve also been influenced by Saul Leiter’s Early Color recently as well.

Here’s an alternate take:

Red and Blue Abstract Version 2

  1. Hm, through in a second version… I do like the umbrella person as opposed to the umbrella’less person… but, still like the original one showed, as the foreground blue car pops more, where it falls too much into dark in the second one. Both are still good though. And am glad that you are deciding to still periodically post 😉

    • Thanks for the feeback, Jeff. I agree about the car working better in the second version (the first version for you 🙂 since you saw it last week.) I’m going to adjust the umbrella version a bit.

  2. I have seen In No Great Hurry. Bought it on iTunes. Didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, but the saturated rain-shots certainly grabbed my attention. I’ve got my own Leiter-inspired shot on my instagram. I’m instajohn if you’re on there.

    • Yes, I’m already following you on there, just rarely actually fire up the app! Just checked it out, it’s great!

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