Helen Sucks

I’m always attracted to photographing graffiti (at least as a component of an image). I’m interested in the messages people leave behind as some sort of attempt to make permanent sentiments like love, lust, and, in this case, scorn (or simply as a way of saying, I existed and I was here).  I’m also particularly interested in the contrast of the transience of the spray-painted messages with the far more permanent canvas of the stone that they are painted on.  The great, varied textures and colours of stone also really attract me as subjects of photographs.

During a road trip a few years back, a friend and I came across a bunch of graffiti on those large stones on the side of highways that one often sees, the remnants of the landscape through which the highway was cut.  I started a series of images of these messages back then which you can see below, or at Highway Graffiti.  While writing this post I realized that I should probably add Helen Sucks to this series as well.  This photo has been sitting on my hard drive for many years and I think actually predates the Highway Graffiti series, but it fits with what my intent for the series was, and has a stronger, more direct sentiment in its spray-painted message than most of the photos currently in the series.

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