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I’m not sure the reasons behind people throwing pairs of shoes over power lines, but I see it in certain neighbourhoods pretty often. I came across a few other instances on this day, but this was my favourite of the bunch.

There are photos to be constructed with power lines criss-crossing the sky, but I wasn’t very successful in my other shots. I’ll post another one soon that doesn’t quite work for me.

  1. I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked a part of town, or neighborhood, where you could find someone had done just this… I really have no explanation as to why… just something that gave a part of town, or neighborhood a little character, I guess.

    Also, like how it looks like you took it in some high altitude city, with the clouds RIGHT THERE!

    • I agree. It’s generally in the more urban areas. The suburbs are insufferably bland and monotonous, you don’t see many indications of life or rebellion (the occasional less-than-well-tended lawn, perhaps). I’m always attracted to photographing this type of thing, or graffiti, in the urban areas. Like you said … character.

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