Untitled (black and white photograph)


December 8, 2021 Paul Politis 2

  I didn’t even see the guy in the far left corner watching me until I looked at the photo later on my computer. I […]

Daydreaming (book cover)


September 8, 2021 Paul Politis 0

  Here’s a sequence of 20 colour urban and street photographs that I’ve put together in a small book entitled “Daydreaming“.  

River Walk, Chicago (black and white photograph)


July 6, 2021 Paul Politis 0

Here are some quotes from the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian accompanied by a few of my black and white photos. I’m aware that it is […]

Untitled (colour photograph)

City Skin

July 6, 2021 Paul Politis 0

Over the past year or so I’ve taken some photos through the scratches and graffiti on the various transparent surfaces I come across during my […]

Yo (colour photograph)

On camera

July 5, 2021 Paul Politis 2

The other day, I picked up my copy of Art & Fear and started reading at a random page. It’s one of those books where […]

Black and white architectural abstract photograph by Paul Politis

Against the Sky

June 22, 2021 Paul Politis 9

I made a bunch of photos last year that I grouped together and called Skyward which was me having fun with playing around with the […]

Untitled (black and white photograph)

Balancing chaos

June 21, 2021 Paul Politis 0

“It’s very spiritual because you’re suddenly seeing the coherence and the interconnectedness of everything — left to right, top to bottom, front to back. It’s […]