black and white urban abstract photograph

Car Reflections Abstract – Black and White photography Part of an ongoing series of black and white photographs exploring reflections on cars windshield and bodies, as well as their interplay and juxtaposition with elements of the surrounding environment. Black and white urban abstract photography.

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Untitled (Reflections) - Black and white street photography by Paul Politis
Untitled (Reflected Windows) - Black and white street photography
Auto Exposure (P1010335)
Untitled Rachel Reflection Untitled
Reflections on car, black and white photograph

I was wandering around and noticed the reflections of a house’s siding on this car, so I took this shot of it, when the owners of the vehicle (whom I hadn’t noticed standing somewhere off to the side) politely asked me what the hell I was doing. It’s awkward because I pointed out the reflections to them and all […]

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Past and future

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a tendency to idealize the past. The present holds little interest. The future, full of possibilities. Now that I am older, I confess that the future sometimes fills me with angst. The past, though, despite what the reality was at the time, looks as lush […]

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