Kind of what I mean when I tell someone that my memory of certain events, or whole decades for that matter, is all a blur. Not much detail left, kind of just a general impression that certain things happened sometime, somehow, somewhere.

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Reflections on car, black and white photograph

I was wandering around and noticed the reflections of a house’s siding on this car, so I took this shot of it, when the owners of the vehicle (whom I hadn’t noticed standing somewhere off to the side) politely asked me what the hell I was doing. It’s awkward because I pointed out the reflections to them and all […]

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By a thread

I’m not sure the reasons behind people throwing pairs of shoes over power lines, but I see it in certain neighbourhoods pretty often. I came across a few other instances on this day, but this was my favourite of the bunch. There are photos to be constructed with power lines criss-crossing the sky, but I […]

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