1. I like this, good shot… and apologetically, the woman walking by the male shadow, seriously I instantly also found the photo to be like representatively apropos to all the daily, everyday, revelations that are happening down here in the “good” ol US of A, with the predatory men being called out by women… to which again I apologize, and of course, am not insinuating, or placing you in that despicable category, as you just happen to be the self-portraited male shadow in the frame… again, just found it to be a timely like photo.

    • This image, along with several others I’ve made recently that include my shadow as well as someone else, a stranger, in the frame (not sure if I’ve posted any of them to the web yet) are exploring on some level the idea of predator/prey (not just with women, however, just in general). I don’t think think this idea is a new one in street photography by any means, just that it’s an intentional aspect to the photo, and it’s new for me generally speaking as, historically, I didn’t tend to photograph people much at all, so these were not issues I thought about much.

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