1. Good eye and capture, Paul

    Though, of course, my completely OCD self, with leading lines and alignment, would have composed, or cropped, the image so that the bottom vertical portion of the ‘T’ line was removed to only the bottom of the T’s horizontal top crossbar… you know, wait, scratch that, I do like how that middle line does draw the eye in, and compliments the then two outer goalposts lines taking over and continuing to lead the eye in.

    Though, would have widened out just a wee bit more so that the bottom corners of the square weren’t cut off… but then, probably would have had a little sliver of the line possibly continuing off to the the left and right on each side, and that would have annoyed my OCD self too… so, probably best to have clipped off the bottom corners.

    Then, pending upon the direction facing here, time of day, and the time had to stand there looking at a wall… but if facing north, and in the afternoon, and had no life but to stand there looking at a wall, would have waited the few more minutes so that the shadow line lined up with the right leading in goalpost line, and didn’t have that small one foot gap betwen them…

    Most likely would not have though, as when I see shots, I just take them with what is provided, with nary a semblance of any patience whatsoever to wait for possible better conditions… and then in post, just do what I did above, and would curse myself for not doing this or that and completely ruining the shot!

    Though, am not saying that is the case here, it is a good capture and shot as it is… just as one photographer to another, sharing the inner madness of my photographer’s mind… – you’re welcome! X-D

  2. Haha, great comment. Yeah, I could drive myself crazy if I thought too much about it. Like you, I also would probably not have waited around much for any changes in the light even if I did consider all these things so deeply at the time I was standing there. I think I like that the shadow doesn’t line up (at least at this moment) … I could talk some shit about how nature inexorably moves to its own rhythms, ultimately defying man’s attempts to tame it. Yeah, that’s why I didn’t line up the shadow …

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