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Posted by Paul in Portraits, Through a Glass Darkly Series | Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

One Response to “Cat (#3521)”

  1. Hello, Paul! This is Jeff, from Richard’s site, and I guess from my site too, since you have kindly visited me there too. Sorry it took me this long to get hooked up with you and your work… I am really too reliant on following people via RSS feed or Twitter… well, located your RSS feed today, and am now subscribed! So, will be a more active follower of your work.

    Getting caught up, these Through A Glass Darkly with this Cat lady, I like (there is another one I originally saw from your Tumblr feed, I also just subscribed to (and is one of the external social sites, like Twitter, that I am actually on and utilize)… anyway, like the two both… Though I am sure I will most likely come upon that Tumblr one here eventually, as I quickly get caught up to date through your feed.

    You do good work, glad to be following you now!

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