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Posted by Paul in Portraits | Tuesday, June 5, 2012 | 9 Comments

9 Responses to “22 pictures of Pete”

  1. Dig it!

  2. Thanks JB

  3. Cool concept, I like it. Funny reading the comments – I have a friend by the name of John that I call JB too…only in his case it stands for Johnny Boy..

  4. Thanks BB 😉

  5. This is great idea and not only that it is also done perfectly. Really Paul congratulation, it is really wonderful.

  6. Thanks Richo!

  7. You are very welcome Paul, I like the email notification tool, I need to install something similar, it is very handy.


  8. Tell us how you did it ….. it’s a great idea !

    Don N Dallas

  9. Pretty straightforward … take a bunch of shots from the same angle and distance, and then layer them in photoshop, playing around with the layer opacities, until you get something you like.

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